V Day


Text reads: Lili-Mae Moore

'As members of the public we only know the image of a celebrity that they choose to present to us. However for musicians and songwriters we are allowed a closer glimpse into their world. Korean idol Kim Taehyung, aka ‘V’, narrows the distance between him and his fans by pouring his heart into his lyrics. It is often expected for celebrities to smile through any difficulties they are facing so as to maintain a sparkling image, however in the song ‘Blue & Grey’, V brings comfort and expresses his grief in a manner that reminds his audience that it is important to embrace depressive periods in order to overcome them, rather than push them away and allow them to fester. In ‘Snowflower’ and ‘Sweet Night’, V illustrates what it feels like to fall in love so tenderly that even those that have never had the experience can feel the warmth of his words. For many of his fans, V is the human embodiment of love and tenderness, and so I felt that it was only fitting to associate him with Valentine’s Day.

I chose to digitally edit this with the intention of it looking like a doodle in a teen’s diary, as that is the age that many of us succumb to celebrity infatuation.'

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